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Cantine Santovetti

In 1883, the biggest and characteristic winery/cellar was excavated in the tuff, unique for its design conception in the Lazio region, covering 1200 meter in length and 10 meter in depth, laid out on more floors.

Since the thirties, thanks to agencies and representatives all around the world, we had our own agency in New York under the license no.: WW167.
Today, we are re—launching our long-standing brand to achieve new markets and expand our wines distribution worldwide.

Through the strict selection of fine grapes, harvested by hand, with the support of modern production technologies and an accurate oenological research, we are proud to produce high quality wines and sparkling wines, as well.

It is our aim to be worldwide identified as reference point for the culture and the oenological excellence.
We are an innovative company that offers, and will always offer, a wide choice of fine wines so as to become a top leader or high quality wines.

Cantine Santovetti